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Birthdate:Mar 25
Location:Round Rock, Texas, United States of America
Proudly Hufflepuff for less than ten years:
i'm in hufflepuff!

borrowed with permission from [personal profile] leni_jess:
Official statement: I do not want anyone using Frienditto, FOAF, or any similar tool on my journal. I assert ownership of my journal contents, and confirm that I do not wish any of my journal entries to be archived anywhere without my permission.

Interests (147):

abuse, acting, ancient cultures, angels, animals, anthropology, art, arthurian legend, astrology, bdsm, beauty, ben barnes, bink/trent, bondage, books, bowling, boys, buffy, burn notice, cats, celtic music, children, chocolate, cinema, comedy, computers, cooking, creativity, daydreaming, dogs, douglas adams, drawing, driving, dwight/jim, edmund/peter, enigma, erotica, europe, fairy tales, families, fan fiction, fanart, fantasy, fiction, fighting, fire, flirting, folk, folklore, free speech, freedom, french, gay fiction, gay men, gay rights, ghosts, god, greek legend, happiness, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/luna, het, hikaru sulu, hiking, history, hope, horror, horses, hufflepuff house, human rights, humour, james t. kirk, jd/cox, jimmy/mr hayes, jonathan/dor, kirk/spock, kissing, languages, laughter, leonard mccoy, leverage, literature, love, lust, mac/pc, mccoy/chekov, men, mental seduction, monty python, movies, music, mythology, nature, open-minded people, original fiction, pavel chekov, people, performances, philosophy, photography, plot, poetry, porn, procrastination, psych, pwp, rain, reading, reboot star trek, restraints, roleplaying, royalty, rps, sarcasm, school, sensuality, severus snape, sex, short stories, slash, smut, snape/harry, songwriting, spirituality, spock, squee, submission, tarot, tea, teaching, television, the law, theatre, theology, tng, touching, traveling, urban legends, used book stores, vicarious sex, voyager, westley/inigo, writing, xanth, xanth slash, yaoi
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